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Quick Comparison

Product Max Platform Height Machine Width Machine Length Platform Capacity Machine Weight
NANO10®-XD 9.8 ft 30 in. 45.5 in. 500 lbs. 1,235 lbs.
1330SE Micro 13 ft. 31.5 in. 57 in. 530 lbs. 2,050 lbs.
Micro13®-XD 13 ft. (+20 in.*) 31.5 in. 57 in. 500 lbs. 2,116 lbs.
Micro19® 19 ft. 32 in. 60 in. 500 lbs. 2,860 lbs.
Micro19®-XD 19 ft. (+20 in.*). 32 in. 60 in. 500 lbs. 2,952 lbs.
Micro26®AC 26 ft. 32 in. 74 in. 550 lbs. 4,190 lbs.
1930SEAC Slim 19 ft. 30 in. 73 in. 550 lbs. 3,440 lbs.
2632SEAC Slim 26 ft. 32 in. 97 in. 550 lbs. 4,870 lbs.
3346SEAC Compact 33 ft. 47 in. 97 in. 800 lbs. 5,670 lbs.
4046SEAC Compact 39 ft. 47 in. 98 in. 700 lbs. 7,000 lbs.
4555SEAC Compact 45 ft. 55 in. 112 in. 600 lbs. 7,600 lbs.

(XD) Xtra-Deck® adds 20 in. when in use

A Better Solution

Innovation & Features
Leak Containment System® (LCS) Patent Number 11,112,060

LCS is a system of trays integrated to contain leaks and protect flooring while not interfering with safe machine operation. The system is integrated under the component tray and above the belly plate to protect the system from weather elements, forklifts, and jobsite debris. This integrated design does not cover and restrict access to base controls or emergency lowering functions.

Direct Electric Drive

Powered for high efficiency, better performance and higher product residual value. Our Direct Electric Drive offers longer operating times between battery charges, as well as, offering faster quieter and smoother operation for confined areas.

Lift Control Orientation with Proactive Platform Safety System® (PPSS)

Control orientation angled away from the operator while proactively being warned of an overhead hazard. Control orientation angled away from the operator so potential entrapment situations are mitigated by a resulting downward movement. Combined with MEC’s PPSS option, operators are proactively warned of an overhead hazard to mitigate collision and entrapment.