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Product Max Platform Height Machine Width Machine Length Platform Capacity Machine Weight
34-J Telescopic Diesel 34 ft. 92 in. 240 in. 500 lbs. 9,475 lbs.
45-J Telescopic Diesel 45 ft. 96 in. 336 in. 600 lbs. 14,250 lbs.
60-J Telescopic Diesel 60 ft. 96 in. 366 in. 600 lbs. 19,300 lbs.
65-J Telescopic Diesel 65 ft. 90 in. 360 in. 600 lbs. 21,800 lbs.
DualReach™ 85-J Diesel  85 ft. 102 in. 39 ft. 600 lbs. 37,500 lbs.
Titan 40-S Telescopic Diesel 40 ft. 96 in. 264 in. 4,000 lbs. 24,250 lbs.
Titan 60-S Telescopic Diesel 60 ft. 91 in. 276 in. 3,000 lbs. 40,000 lbs.

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Innovation & Features
Lift Control Orientation with Proactive Platform Safety System® (PPSS)

Control orientation angled away from the operator so potential entrapment situations are mitigated by a resulting downward movement. Combined with MEC’s PPSS option, operators are proactively warned of an overhead hazard to mitigate collision and entrapment.

No Footswitch for Safer Boom Operation

MEC Booms are controlled without the use of a footswitch for better maneuverability, greater range of motion and safer operation. 3 joystick controllers, each with an enable switch, offer better ergonomics from no footswitch allowing the Operator a posture that enables better visibility, sturdier stance, fewer distractions and reduced entrapment risk.

MEC Glazier Package

Robust one-piece tray design that is quick and easy to install, remove and store when not in use. Meets Glazier needs with one long continuous tray that is lightweight, strong, safe and high visibility.