Full-Featured, Robust Design

Feature rich with standard jib, tri-entry platform, steel covers, on-board diagnostics and more

Continuous 360° Rotation

Continuous rotation on the turntable swing delivers true construction grade performance

No Footswitch

3 proportional joysticks for better maneuverability and visibility in platform

Product Specs

40 ft.
Platform Height
91 in.
Machine Width
286 in.
Machine Length
500 lbs.
Platform Capacity
16,380 lbs.
Machine Weight

Standard Features

Work Area
6 ft. (1.8 m) Platform Work Basket
3-Sided Entry with Swing Gate
500 lb. (227 kg) Platform Capacity
160° Platform Rotation
120° Jib Range of Motion
Power to Platform

360° Continuous Turntable Rotation
4WD Closed Loop Positive Traction Drive System
40% Gradeability
Oscillating Axle
Self-Leveling Platform
Low Engine RPM Elevated Operation
Two-Speed Drive Motors                        46 ft. (14.02m) Working Height
Full Drive Height

48HP Kubota Diesel Engine

Control System
Triple Joystick Interface
Fully Proportional Multi-Function Controls

Emergency Shut-Off on Platform & Chassis
Auxiliary Power Unit
Multi-Axis Tilt Sensor
Tilt Alarm and Horn
Four Wheel SAHR Braking System
Automotive Horn
Engine Shut Down Protection

Other Features
Hour Meter
Machine Tie-Downs and Lifting Lugs
Powder Coat Finish
Lanyard Attachments
Standard Oil Cooler
Standard Solid RT Tires
Flashing Beacon


Full-Featured, Rugged, Simple, Reliable

51 ft. (15.5 m) Working Height with Standard 5 ft. (1.5 m) Jib for 120° Jib Range of Motion

Continuous 360° Rotation

Solid Rough Terrain Tires

Standard 6 ft. (1.8 m) Platform Including 3-Sided Entry with Swing Gate

Powerful 4WD and Oscillating Front Axle Standard

Proven Double-Riser Boom with Vertical Envelope Through First 25 ft. (7.6 m)


3.5 KW AC Generator
PPSS – Proactive Platform Safety System
7.5 kW Welder-Ready Generator
Second Year Extended Warranty

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Featured Options

Glazier Package
Robust one-piece tray design that is quick and easy to install, remove and store when not in use. Meets Glazier needs with one long continuous tray that is lightweight, strong, safe and high visibility.
Welder Ready Generator Package
Engineered based on a Harrison hydraulically driver 7500-watt, 208-volt 3 phase generator and specifically designed pump to run the generator (not off the drive pump) providing a simple, safe and reliable system. Control system automatically drops out the generator when machine movement is used and re-engages once movement is complete to save overspeed damage to the generator.
Proactive Platform Safety System® (PPSS)
MEC’s PPSS option senses an overhead object with two ultrasonic sensors located behind the operator. With these high-tech sensors, the operators are proactively warned of an overhead hazard to mitigate collision and entrapment.
Operator's Manual
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Download PDF