April 15, 2024

MEC® Ships First DualReach™ 85-J Diesel Boom, the Innovative Two-in-One Boom. Featuring a Telescopic and Articulated Boom in One Machine

“We are incredibly proud to see the DualReach 85-J Booms shipped” said David White, MEC® President. “This is more than just a product shipment; it’s a testament to our team’s dedication and relentless pursuit of better solutions. We are leading the change and setting a new standard for innovation in the industry.”

A groundbreaking new product in MEC’s portfolio, the DualReach 85-J Diesel Boom embodies cutting-edge design and engineering, raising the bar for access equipment versatility and efficiency on complex worksites. A single DualReach unit can now manage jobs that previously required two separate boom lifts therefore improving utilization and reducing delivery costs by having 2 machines in 1.

The DualReach patent-pending design allows operators to easily transition between telescopic and articulated modes while the unit is stowed. In either configuration, it delivers a class-leading 91-foot working height. In telescopic mode, DualReach offers 70-foot maximum outreach, while the articulated mode provides a maximum up-and-over height of 21 feet, ensuring easy access to challenging areas.

Prioritizing productivity, the DualReach 85-J Diesel Boom offers the option of 600 lbs. unrestricted / 900 lbs. restricted platform capacity, and optional automatic frame leveling up to seven degrees on slopes. Its varied steering options, including two-wheel, four-wheel, and crab steering, enhance maneuverability and stability on-site are standard on every unit. The ergonomically designed Platform Controls, integrated with the Proactive Platform Safety System® option, heighten safety by alerting operators to overhead hazards and mitigating collisions and entrapment.

The introduction of the DualReach 85-J Diesel Boom by MEC not only signifies a breakthrough in technical innovation but also reflects the company’s deep commitment to understanding the industry’s evolving needs.

MEC is recognized for pushing the boundaries in the design and manufacture of aerial work platforms. With a focus on sustainability and advanced technology, MEC is committed to providing the aerial work platform industry with solutions that are not just effective but are also in line with environmental stewardship. For detailed product information and company news, visit www.MECawp.com.

MEC® Aerial Work Platforms is a manufacturer of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) in Kerman, California. For over 45 years and counting, MEC lifts carry the tradition of quality and innovation. MEC’s portfolio of MEWPs ranges from all-electric and direct electric drive slab scissors and vertical masts to rough terrain scissors and booms with patented and award-winning design features. See for yourself how MEC® is A Better Solution – full featured for high performance, productivity, and safety. For additional details about the new MEC NetZero product line, visit mecawp.com.


For more information on MEC Aerial Work Platforms, visit www.MECawp.com.

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MEC® Ships First DualReach™ 85-J Diesel Boom, the Innovative Two-in-One Boom. Featuring a Telescopic and Articulated Boom in One Machine

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