September 28, 2021

MEC Leak Containment System(R) Patent Granted


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Leak Containment System® Patent Granted

September 28, 2021
Kerman, California

MEC Aerial Work Platforms is proud to announce that United States Patent No. 11,112,060 (the ‘060 Patent”), which is the embodiment of MEC’s highly innovative Leak Containment System® (LCS), was awarded on September 7, 2021. MECs receipt of ‘060 Patent follows its earlier award of European Patent No. 3,549,903 on LCS.

Using a system of trays integrated within the machine, LCS is a revolutionary oil containment system for MEC slab scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts. Unlike prior attempts at solving the longstanding problem of oil leakage capture, the leak retention mechanism of LCS does not interfere with other basic functionalities of the device – including deployment of the machine’s pothole protection system, front wheel operations, access to the emergency stop and ground controls, and/or operation of the static strap. In addition, the integrated trays are protected from weather elements, jobsite debris and forklift damage.

Since the launch of LCS in 2019, MEC customers have quickly come to realize the tremendous benefits it offers, including increased safety, time savings, cost savings and greatly reduced customer inconvenience. LCS-equipped MEC lifts are now requested exclusively by many projects and end users who understand the value and advantages of this industry-changing innovation.

Through its sleek design, strategically placed inspection holes, and easily placed pre-cut absorbent pads, MEC’s LCS delivers industry-leading leak detection and containment which provides greater jobsite efficiency and therefore greater value for MEC’s rental company customers and their end users. Get the LCS advantage only on your next order of MEC slab scissor lifts!

MEC Aerial Work Platforms is a manufacturer of a line of Aerial Work Platforms in Kerman, California. For 45 years and counting, MEC lifts have carried on the tradition of quality and innovation. MEC’s portfolio of Aerial Work Platforms ranges from DC direct electric drive slab scissors to rough terrain booms with patented and award-winning design features. See for yourself how MEC is A Better Solution – full featured for high performance, productivity, and safety. For more information on MEC Aerial Work.

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Leak Containment System® Patents Granted for U.S., Europe & Canada