June 18, 2019

MEC Introduces Proactive Platform Safety System (PPSS) for Slab Scissors

MEC is pleased to announce the introduction of the Proactive Platform Safety System (PPSS) for select slab scissor lifts. This innovative solution is designed to alert MEC scissor lift operators by proactively warning them of overhead hazards with the goal of collision and entrapment avoidance.

How PPSS Works:

A “cone” of safety is projected to detect objects above the machine operator. The sensor will begin detecting obstacles 12 feet above the platform floor. An alarm will sound when an object is identified within the cone, and the frequency of beeps will increase as the object gets closer. With a predetermined safe distance setting, the frequency of alarm beeps becomes constant and the machine stops lifting. An override button is available for deliberate closer positioning towards an object.

Collision & Entrapment Avoidance:

PPSS provides a proactive warning through an ultrasonic sensor to greatly reduce the risk of an overhead collision or entrapment. The unique 45º orientation of the MEC lift control handle is designed so that forward/downward movement will cause the machine to lower if contact was made with an overhead obstacle.

MEC Aerial Work Platforms is a manufacturer of a line of Aerial Work Platforms in Kerman, California.  For 40 years and counting, MEC lifts carry the tradition of quality and innovation. MEC’s portfolio of Aerial Work Platforms ranges from DC direct electric drive slab scissors to rough terrain booms with patented and award winning design features.  See for yourself how MEC can differentiate you and provide class leading ROIC – full featured value for high performance, productivity and safety.  MEC is A Better Solution.

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