January 16, 2017

MEC Announces New Slab Line — A New Look at a 40 Year Legacy

MEC Aerial Work Platforms is celebrating 40 years of brand history in aerial work platforms. With a legacy of quality slab scissors, the MEC portfolio has been expanded with larger, RT scissor product, booms and specialty products. MEC focus since has been to provide our customers with A Better Solution.

To honor the MEC legacy and brand name built over the last 40 years, it’s timely to launch our new slab scissor line. The new DC drive slab scissor line provides a full offering of 6 machines from our 13ft micro slab 1330SE to the 45ft tallest compact slab scissor, our 4555SE. The line also features our compact 4046SE, and the series of 19ft, 26ft and 33ft scissors with standard integrated material sheet trays. With direct electric drive across the line, these machines not only provide extended duty cycles and faster drive speeds but also virtually eliminate hydraulic leaks.

“The opportunity to grow our business with a new slab product range was clear” says David White, President. “In line with our strategy, we knew that we had to have innovative products that would make a compelling case for customers and provide better value in the market. I think we have hit those marks very well with features like the material tray, the benefits of direct electric drive and the creation of a new market class with the 4555SE.

MEC Aerial Work Platforms is a manufacturer of a line of Aerial Work Platforms in Kerman, California. For 40 years and counting, MEC lifts carry the tradition of quality and innovation. MEC’s portfolio of Aerial Work Platforms ranges from DC drive slab scissors to rough terrain booms with patented and award winning design features. See for yourself how a MEC lift is A Better Solution – full featured value for high performance, productivity and safety. MEC is A Better Solution

For more information on MEC Aerial Work Platforms, visit http://www.MECawp.com

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