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July 6, 2022

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December 1, 2022

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October 28, 2022

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July 6, 2022

Leak Containment System® Patents Granted for U.S., Europe & Canada

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August 2022
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MEC Wins Mission Critical Top Tier Product Award

Mission Critical Magazine, recognized as the leading knowledge exchange for those who design,
build, operate, andmaintain Mission Critical infrastructure, announced MEC® as the Top Tier Safety Award winner for
its MEC Mast All-Electric 16’ machine (MMAE16). MEC continues to bring innovative, eco-friendly
solutions to make work more secure, efficient, and productive in the Mobile Elevating Work Platform
Industry for Mission Critical applications. Click HERE to read more about the MEC Award.

The recently launched MMAE16 has quickly changed the way end users approach projects. All Electric
means Direct Electric Drive, Electric Linear Actuator Steer, Electric Actuator Lift with Electric
Release Holding Brake. What does all this mean? It means the ultimate in energy efficiency and it
means no Hydraulic Oil, there is ZERO possibility of leaks. This has become one of the highest
priorities for Mission Critical environments.

“The need for more sustainable solutions in the mission critical space is very dire,” said Sarah
Harding, publisher, Mission Critical. “That’s why we’re proud to recognize the industry’s most
cutting-edge products — innovations that will make it possible for us to reduce our carbon
footprints safely, efficiently, and reliably at scale in a small space.” MEC is proud to be among
the best with our newest product.

At an indoor working height of 22 feet and 18 feet outdoors, the award-winning MMAE16 is perfect
for data centers, hospitality, food, and pharmaceutical applications. Along with being lightweight
at 2,170 lbs. and low ground pressure, the machine is ideal for standard elevators and utilization
across a wide range of floor types. At 78” tall and with no folding rails, it is easy to get thru
standard door frames. The new mast comes with a standard glide out deck extension of 20 inches to
make difficult areas to reach, easy and convenient.

“MEC stays true to our mission of A Better Solution in everything we do, and this is a strong
confirmation for delivering an All-Electric machine and eliminating the potential of hydraulic
leaks,” states Gary Crook, VP of Engineering.

The MMAE16 will have a significant impact on the market’s drive for lower emissions and
eco-friendly solutions. Along with being all-electric, the new mast will deliver a better cost of
ownership for rental companies and increased productivity for their customers.

MEC Aerial Work Platforms is a manufacturer of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) in Kerman,
California. For 45 years and counting, MEC lifts carry the tradition of quality and innovation.
MEC’s portfolio of MEWPs ranges from direct electric drive slab scissors and vertical masts to
rough terrain scissors and booms with patented and award-winning design features. See for yourself
how MEC is A Better Solution – full featured for high performance, productivity, and safety.


For more information on MEC Aerial Work Platforms, visit www.MECawp.com