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MEC International Re-Boot

California-based MEC Aerial Work Platforms has announced a re-boot of its international operations.  The re-organization will be led by Pat Witte Vice President of Business Development, who has more than twenty years of international business experience, to renew MEC’s sales strategy and operations for the current global economy. 

Mr. Witte has been responsible for developing new business within the global rental sector with some of the largest of such companies in all parts of the globe. Mr. Witte has a well-earned industry reputation for strategic development and taking proven products to new markets throughout the world.  “This will be a fresh start for MEC internationally and I look forward to building the team that can deliver on our global goals,” says Mr. Witte.

“Our goal is to strengthen our offering and support for current customers while bringing our differentiated line to new customers” says President David White, adding “This strategy in North America has been successful and we strive to replicate that success tailored to the varied international markets.” 

MEC Aerial Work Platforms strives to build better solutions for our customers and for the end users of our product with innovative designs and feature-rich offerings.  Our line of Aerial Work Platforms includes North America’s largest scissor lift:  the 6092RT, the industrious 60-J Boom family with rugged performance in diesel, electric or hybrid power, the popular Crossover ERT 4WD electric RT scissor, the innovative Speed Level™ product line, and the Award Winning Titan Boom™ series, and the newly debuted slab scissor family featuring North America’s tallest slab scissor lift: the 4555SE.  MEC machines are designed and built in Kerman, California. 

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