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A Brief History of MEC Aerial Work Platforms

MEC established a reputation for designing and manufacturing  a high-quality range of scissor products in the late 1970s, based in Mayville, Wisconsin.

MEC pioneered the now widely accepted pothole protection  system.

In 2001 an aftermarket parts company called was Equipment  Parts Wholesale established in Fresno, California.

The Aerial Work Platform Division of MEC was acquired by  owners of Equipment Parts Wholesale and moved to California in 2002.

In 2004 CMEC was formed to build on the MEC legacy, producing  the range of scissor lifts previously  acquired from Mayville Engineering.

In 2008, MEC introduced some of the industry’s first electric medium and large rough terrain scissors.

In 2010 the Titan Boom™ 40-S was introduced, winning  multiple industry awards and offering a revolutionary product to the industry.

The company designed and built an in house powder coat  facility at the factory in Kerman, California.  The powder coat department  is staffed with powder coat industry professionals and has greatly increased  the quality of finish found on MEC machines.

In 2011 MEC Aerial Work Platforms introduced the 59 ERT  series “Crossover” that allowed RT performance without the cost and complexity  of engine-driven machines.

In 2012 MEC introduced the 60-foot Titan Boom™ 60-S, adding to the popular specialty boom line.  The Atlas Mining Boom, a mining-specific variant of the Titan, was released in the fall.

2013 saw the introduction of the 4069 ERT, a mid-size scissor  lift that provides class-leading RT performance, sheet material loading, and  the lowest stowed height in the market segment.

In 2015 MEC released the 60-J Straight Boom Lift and 6092 Ultra-Deck Scissor Lift. The 60-J Straight Boom Lift was awarded Rental’s 2015 Editor’s Choice Award, and the 6092 Ultra-Deck Scissor Lift won a Gold LLEAP award.

In 2016 MEC won a Safety Innovation LLEAP award for its Proactive Platform Safety Solution (PPSS) for boom lifts.

2017 was an exciting year due to MEC’s 40 year anniversary in which they announced the expansion of its slab line. MEC was awarded another gold LLEAP award for its Proactive Platform Safety Solution (PPSS) for boom lifts in the OEM Features or Essential Components category. Later that year MEC introduced 2 revolutionary new products: The 45-AJ Articulated Boom Lift and Micro 19 Scissor Lift.

In 2018 MEC released the Proactive Platform Safety System (PPSS) for slab scissors to proactively warn operators of a potential overhead hazard with the goal of collision and entrapment avoidance. 

The company continues to innovate, design, and manufacture machines in our factory in  Kerman, California. 

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